Vickie Qin

Cultural communication for brands is a role that requires passion. This role serves not only the business but also the public, as it has the potential to guide and aid beyond imagination.

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Visualized Culture—PUNK CULTURE

An exhibition for Punk

  • Poster

  • Typography

  • Exhibition

  • Brochure

  • 3D Modeling

  • Do you really know punk?

  • Speaking of punk, colorful hair, fantastic hairstyles, torn clothes, conspicuous jewelry, fierce language, will first enter our brain. However, the meaning of punk is not only these, the real punk, with unparalleled charm, its spirit, so that this "sub-culture" has evolved into: the mainstream culture


Inspiration—Vivienne Westwood

"Her shows are not necessarily the most influential on the schedule any more, but the spirit and intention to provoke remains."

“The 20th Century was a mistake. It was the age of the iconoclast: ‘History is rubbish, the past is rubbish, all we had to do was follow the latest thing!’ Smash culture and what fills the gap is consumption. I tried to prove by example that the past is as relevant today as when it was invented, ideas are as relevant today as when they were invented—and I proved it by copying historical clothes. No designer had ever done this before, they’d been inspired by historical clothes, but I actually copied them.”-Vivienne Westwood

The booklet is a tri-fold page. Showcase the layout of the exhibition hall and the information in each channel.

The first page is printed on transparent paper, and the shape of the building is scribbled. After cutting, stack them together to see the complete exhibition guide. The second and third pages are printed with information about punk. The intent of the homepage is to let the audience feel directly, to understand a thing from multiple aspects, rather than relying solely on the personal knowledge background.