Vickie Qin

Cultural communication for brands is a role that requires passion. This role serves not only the business but also the public, as it has the potential to guide and aid beyond imagination.

︎︎︎ About Me


︎ Advertising/Branding Design
︎ UI/UX Design
︎ Motion Design
︎ Illustration


  • UI/UX Design

  • Encourage people to go outdoors

  • Encourage people to get in touch with nature

  • Encourage people not to ignore nature


  • As electronic devices continue to captivate more and more people, there is a growing reluctance to engage in outdoor activities. Concerns about safety, such as encountering dangerous animals or sustaining injuries while hiking, contribute to this anxiety. While it may be unrealistic to expect individuals to completely detach from electronic devices, I believe there is an opportunity to design software that promotes a harmonious integration of technology and nature.

  • My aim is to develop software that encourages people to actively connect with the natural environment in their daily lives. By creating an interactive platform, individuals will be prompted to pay closer attention to the nature surrounding them. Through this engagement, they can gradually become more familiar with and eager to participate in suitable outdoor activities, thereby reducing their reliance on electronic devices indoors.

  • The software will serve as a catalyst for inspiring a sense of appreciation and curiosity towards the natural world. By leveraging its features, users will be motivated to explore and experience nature firsthand, fostering a healthier balance between their digital lives and the great outdoors.



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