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Cultural communication for brands is a role that requires passion. This role serves not only the business but also the public, as it has the potential to guide and aid beyond imagination.

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︎ Advertising/Branding Design
︎ UI/UX Design
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  • Cooperative project

  • Data Visualization

  • Illustrations

  • UI/UX Design

Our Challenge

  • At the core of our design philosophy is the commitment to transparency and empowering consumers with a comprehensive after-sales experience. We recognize the importance of ensuring that consumers understand precisely what they are paying for when it comes to the furniture they need, and where their hard-earned money is allocated within the manufacturing process. By providing detailed instructions and itemized billing, we aim to establish a strong foundation of trust and deliver exceptional value for money.

  • Keywords: quality, life, comfort

  • Design language: detail, scene, simplicity

  • Sense of detail (light and shadow of goods, product alignment rules)
  • Sense of scene (natural harmony and unity)
  • Sense of simplicity (remove superfluous elements, leaving the material or the product itself)

  • Data page: data layout using a single column for design (chart layout: use data will log output - sales of the entire link performance time period trends towards (Display)(mini-program page: program layout using picture wheel layout: focus on recently purchased goods, through the gesture slide in order to see more; strengthen the user focus; linear browsing to enhance the experience of coherence)

  • To achieve this, we meticulously selected the key steps involved in the furniture making process. By delving into each stage and examining the resources expended, we calculated and quantified the corresponding expenses incurred. This meticulous analysis allowed us to create a data visualization that presents the information in a visually compelling and easily digestible format.

    The final result is a comprehensive bill that showcases the various elements of the furniture making process. Through our unique data visualization approach, consumers gain insight into the distribution of costs, enabling them to grasp the value proposition of the product they are purchasing. The bill not only provides transparency but also becomes a tool for enhancing the overall after-sales experience. Consumers can now fully appreciate the craftsmanship, resources, and expertise involved in creating their desired furniture, fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction in their purchase.



  • Green: back to nature, fresh and glowing

  • White: designed for empty space, simple and natural

  • Wooden: crafted, friendly and warm

  • The layout design of the mini-program uses a two-column grid layout

  • Simplify the content, with a light background as the background color or a large area of white, the core display are left to the data itself, the overall gives a simple, quiet feeling, not forced, not to give a sense of oppression. Make people have a strong visual recognition.


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