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Cultural communication for brands is a role that requires passion. This role serves not only the business but also the public, as it has the potential to guide and aid beyond imagination.

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Most of the “made ground” and “natural ground” in Central Park are intentionally separated. Only in a few cases, large natural objects such as boulders, fallen tree trunks or dirt are used to hint at the direction of our path.

Aim for the Unconscious

It was the intention of the park designers to make these paths unconsciou wayfinding signs for people.

Have you ever noticed the difference in the design of these paths a we stroll through the park? In the 843 acres of Central Park, there are carefully groomed sidewalks and bike paths, as well as endless paths through the little forest.
These different functional paths have been used by designers in a variety of ways to unintentionally decorate the entire park.