Vickie Qin

Cultural communication for brands is a role that requires passion. This role serves not only the business but also the public, as it has the potential to guide and aid beyond imagination.

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︎ Advertising/Branding Design
︎ UI/UX Design
︎ Motion Design
︎ Illustration


  • Font

  • Illustration

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  • 3D Modeling

  • In an increasingly interconnected world, the profound influence of viruses on our lives can no longer be disregarded. Acknowledging this reality, my work delves into the realm of speculation, envisioning a future where humans and viruses coexist in symbiotic harmony.

  • Through my design, I explore the concept of the "New Human," a transformed being that adapts to the presence of viruses. Illustration elements play a pivotal role in depicting the intricate state of existence for these beings. Senses and limbs intertwine, symbolizing the dynamic relationship between humans and viruses, where adaptation and coevolution take center stage.

    To further amplify this concept, the typeface employed in my designs draws inspiration from the illustration itself. Emulating the organic forms found in bone-like petals, the typeface evokes both fragility and resilience, signifying the delicate balance between human vulnerability and the strength gained from this newfound coexistence.

    Through this creative exploration, I aim to challenge preconceived notions surrounding viruses and reimagine the potential for a harmonious coexistence between humans and the microscopic world. By intertwining visual elements and typography, my design communicates a powerful narrative that invites viewers to contemplate our place within this intricate web of life, encouraging a fresh perspective on our relationship with viruses and the future of humanity.

New Era Language

  • Based on the copperplate, rotated into a flower pattern

  • Each flower represents a letter of the alphabet

  • Combine with bones and cells

  • Based on Edwardian Script Font

  • Time appears to have been frozen by the thousands of years of ice and snow. Amidst this frozen landscape, delicate flowers emerge, shattering their magnificent appearance. Intricate bone patterns intertwine with the flowers, infusing them with newfound strength and an air of mystery.